2014 web design news feed archive

14th December 2014


We found a superb selection of artwork courtesy of Marcus Reed. The collection we have picked out are a combination of various islands from around the world inspired by Adidas Originals footwear.

Lots more artwork by Marcus can find here.

adidas city artwork
17th November 2014


We have been super busy over the last couple of weeks working on a few web design projects for clients old and new so our blog has had to take a back seat for the time being. However, whilst researching a few things on the web we did stumble upon this wonderful piece of artwork by Raul Aguiar from Brazil. You can find more of his artwork here.

journey to the centre of the earth art
3rd November 2014


It's been over a month since our last post, due to the amount of web development work we have had to get out of the door so apologies to those who read our posts.

Over the last few days we have been crafting a fresh logo for a midlands based auto repair company. We were approached by Every Dent to create a new logo to assist with a slight re-brand and give a more professional feel to their business and this is what the final design looks like. We hope you like it, as well as all the web design and development work we get involved in we also love getting stuck into the graphic design side of things also.

00 design logo development example
25th September 2014


We wanted to share with you this mind blowing website created using a javascript and flash plugin made by Green Socks Inc. It gives a real insight into the possibilities for the web. We won't go into the technicalities of the make up the website itself so site back, turn up the sound and enjoy the website! Click this link to see the website in action.

html5 web design image
13th September 2014


There has been alot of hype this week with the launch of a new iPhone and the Apple watch which will be hitting our stores very soon. Apart from that we have been very busy polishing off a new website for an organisation in Lincolnshire that provides a range of free and low cost counselling services for people aged sixteen and up.

We were approached by Supporting Minds to see if we could design and develop a bespoke website for them that had mobile and tablet devices in mind first of all. The design brief was to create something that was bold and colourful with the target audience being adults but of a younger generation. Our client is happy with the final results and the website is now up and running.

The website can be found via this link.

supporting minds web design project
2nd September 2014


You may asking what is a div? The definition of a div is as follows:

"The div tag defines a division or a section in an HTML document. The div tag is used to group block-elements to format them with CSS..."

When we build a website it is made up of a selection of these div tags and then we will usually create a style sheet to add all the colour, size and shape of a specific div tag. Logos, content, image sliders and anything else you can think of will nearly always be contained within one of these so called div tags. We wanted to share with you a web page that we stumbled across today that showcased the potential of what you can do with just one div tag. The images shown via the link below are not jpgs or pngs created in an image editor but with code written out in a style sheet (css or cascading style sheet). Click here to view the website!

Just one HTML div tag graphic
26th August 2014


This week we completed the design and development of a website for a fine dining establishment. Its a simple one page site with some subtle menu animation and a full screen photo background that gracefully fades in and out with each menu option. When selecting photos that are going to be incorporated into a full screen background on a website it is important that the quality of the image is good, the size of the file isn't too great and that it is appropriate for the message it is trying to get across.

You can access the website by clicking here.

Bar XO graphic by 00 design
9th August 2014


We recently built a web based app that small children could engage with to help them along with their reading. One of the main design priorities was to make sure a child could easily take control of it, and understand it. We accomplished this by simply adding two arrows either side of the screen that could either be clicked or touched to slide to the next letter. We gave each letter an animal theme and each slide has a cool css3 transition effect. As with all of our work, we developed this web based app to adapt for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens.

To take a look at the final results please click here. Thanks.

my animal abc web design graphic
6th August 2014


When it comes to creating a professional online presence for your business it's important to make sure it's reflected online in the correct way. When a customer or potential client first connects to your website they make a judgement in seconds. It's a cliche however it's true, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Today, a website is the first port of call for most potential customers or clients so the website needs to be really good, designed professionally and also a true reflection of the business. User experience, how a customer interacts with the website along with how the website engages the user convincing them that they are making the right choice choosing this particular business are all key factors.

It is surprising how many successful businesses do not realise the negative effect a badly designed website can have. For example, a beautiful tea room, vintage in style that serves quality food and drink has no website however there shop is always full and it is successful. They decide to hire the services of a web designer however the main criteria is price. A web design company, freelancer or even a student have decided to take the job on bearing in mind there is no money in it so they turn the website around very quickly, keeping the specification to a bear minimum and not taking the time (due to the budget) to design a website the tea room deserves. This will in turn have a detrimental effect on the tea room. As they wish to expand and maybe open a new tea room, or the word spreads on how great the food, drink and experience is and people wish to find out more for the first time or book a table the first thing they will more than likely do is visit the website. The first impression made will be a disappointment for any potential customer so the tea rooms on the back foot straight away. There online presence is more of a liability than an asset even though they probably have the menu, opening times, contact details etc present online. They would probably be better off not having the website, starting again and spending a lot more time thinking about how they wish to be portrayed online.

00 design web design graphic
22nd July 2014


Web design really has evolved since the mid-1990s and at a lightning speed. At the time the most popular sites on the web included the likes of aol.com, yahoo.com and altavista.com. During the mid 90s the average website was very basic indeed compared to todays media rich, digital interfaces we see on so many different devices. It was only in 1995 that Microsoft first released Internet Explorer.

At the time of the mid 1990s there were only around 100,000 websites, by the end of the decade this had rocketed to 9,000,000. Between 2000 and 2005, the most popular sites had changed and the likes of apple.com, msn.com, ebay.com, napster.com, forbes.com, adobe.com and microsoft.com had started to carve the digital landscape. At the time there were around 70,000,000 websites by the end of 2005, but mobile web design still hadn't become a main focus area. The most common sites between 2006 and 2012 included the likes of reddit.com, google.com (of course), facebook, craigslist.org and twitter. Log-in screens became highly popular during this stretch and the most common navigation and organisation elements included top navigation tabs, a login screen and the landing page. By the end of 2012 there were around 250,000,000 websites, and mobile web design started to gain momentum due to the explosion of people using smart phones and tablets, the majority running on iOS or Android. By the end of 2012 the majority of web browsing was done using these portable devices.

By 2013 HTML5 and CSS3 were in the mainstream and more and more web developers and designers were taking advantage of what these new standards had to offer. While Internet Explorer was the browser of choice for most desktop users for years and years, suddenly Google Chrome had taken the lead.

Web design trends, techniques and technologies continue to evolve at a blistering pace and it's up to the likes of us at 00 design to keep up so we can always offer our clients the best possible service.

Thanks for reading.

21st July 2014


We recently finished working on a project for lagaleriemarseille.com which we designed and developed to have a full screen video background for larger screens. As always every aspect of the website was designed and developed in house by us. Last week we were notified that it has been nominated for a web design award from csswinner.com. We would really appreciate it if you took a moment to vote for it via this link.

If you appreciate our work and would like to discuss how we can build a bespoke, fully responsive website for your business please get in touch.

la galerie web design award nomination graphic
16th July 2014


In times of Wordpress and other content management systems we are finding more and more pages are built with of a content management system (CMS) as a behind the scenes solution, but not always is a CMS the right choice to build a web site.

When a client comes to us with a new idea for a website and they insist on their new website being built using a CMS however the first question we always ask is "Why?".

For pages that have often changing or new content, news sections or even blog pages a CMS platform in some form is in 99% of the cases the best choice, so we would always encourage this. However quite often a client would suggest that the new website they had in mind wouldn't really need updating, maybe once a month at most and the reason they have approached us with the idea of a website built incorporating a CMS is because they have heard of the benefits but haven't thought how or why it would benefit what they require.

When we start to work on a new project we always try to determine as early as possible whether or not a news or blog section will be something our client requires or if there is going to be other content that constantly needs to be updated/added. If a web page needs to be updated once or twice a month at most it may not be worth considering a CMS and a traditional static website would suit. It also depends on what kind of updates need to be performed. These are all issues that we always work through with a client when we first take on a new web design project.

14th July 2014


La Galerie is a new website that we have just finished building that incorporates a few features of HTML5, mainly the video tag.

click here to go to the website.

la galerie mock up by 00 design
7th July 2014


We were asked to create a logo for a start up business that recycled old furniture, bringing it all back to life and then re-selling it. The brief was to create a logo that had a vintage, boutique feel whilst also looking clean and modern. After playing around with several different designs and colours we came up with this.

00 logo design of Phoenix
30th June 2014


Here is an example of the type of design work we can produce. If you like what you see and are interested in us producing some design work for you please get in touch.

00 design billboard advert

00 design web design mock up
20th June 2014


We haven't been quite happy with our home page so we went out to get some feedback. The feedback compounded our thoughts. When a person viewed the site for the first time the response was that it was too cluttered with too much going on straight away. Our aim is to let people know as soon as possible that we build beautiful websites for all devices. So we went back to the drawing board, decided on a full screen photo background along with a clear and simple message. We felt this would give a first time viewer an idea of what we do and who we are within seconds.

We also wanted to create a squared gallery area that contained links to other pages and our latest work, this is another new addition. Each square gracefully fades in as it comes into view port. We hope you like the new look and any feedback is gratefully received.

Enjoy the weather!

new look website by 00 design
17th June 2014


When our clients new website is near completion we always ensure it works well on all screen sizes, devices and operating systems before going to market. We check through work thoroughly and iron out any bugs we see. We have a wide array of smartphones, small phones, android tablets, iPads and laptops to test and re-test our work. Every operating system always has its own little qwerk. Another issue we always have to deal with is that laptops and desktops are able to make use of any hover effects due to the mouse movement. Tablets and phones are all touch based so there is no hover function. We always ensure we design and develop with this is mind.

We encourage our clients to go with a fully responsive website due to the amount of people accessing the internet via smartphones and tablets. We are experts at adapting a website to suit a smaller screen and take great pride in making sure its a pleasurable viewing experience for all. We always ensure that all of the content laid out on the largest of screens is also presently beautifully just as well on the smallest of screens.

00 design graphic of our website on iPad, iMac and macbook
10th June 2014


Here is a little treat for all of our readers and any footy fans out there. The world cup kicks off in Brasil on Thursday so we thought we would share this fantastic world cup wall chart available for free as a PDF by clicking here.


00 design world cup wall chart poster
9th June 2014


We often get quite a few queries with regards to responsive web design. Some people have heard the term, others know a little about it whilst some confuse it with a separate mobile and desktop design. Having an old fashioned desktop site and then a mobile site to suit is different to responsive design. A responsive website is fluid; it doesn't remove any content depending on the screen size. It has been designed to display the content in a different way depending on the screen (just like our site!) If you re-size your browser window to the width of a tablet and then a mobile phone you will see the content adapt to suit. We believe that a responsive website is the best way for any business to portray themselves online. We believe this because it allows the user to easily access and digest all of the content due to every element on the site being optimised for all screen sizes. A good guideline we always go with is that if the same content can be easily navigated and viewed on a mobile phone using just one hand and just a thumb whilst also looking fantastic on a large desktop screen we are on the right track.

A really well designed responsive website engages the user no matter what screen size the content is being displayed on. We hope you found this article interesting and if you have any further queries regarding responsive web design please contact us today.

4th June 2014


It's always advisable to keep your social media pages looking fresh with up to date banners. Whether your business is running a promotion, had a re-brand or a change in contact details it's always sensible to make sure your website and social media accounts are up to date with the latest information and promotions.

Some of our clients quite often ask us to produce facebook and twitter banners for them so we thought we would start sharing our work with you so you can get a feel of what we can offer you and your business.

Our latest banner below has been created for Remote Associates facebook page.

remote associates banner by 00 design
29th May 2014


Here is one of our latest marketing graphics. We wanted to ensure it was clean and simple and emphasise our mobile website work. If you or your business are interested in having some professional graphics produced please contact us via any preferred method, we will reply promptly.

htc 00 design advert
23th May 2014


We have just been notified that our new website has been nominated for a design award. If you too like our new website it would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to vote for us via this link

css winner web design nomination photo
20th May 2014


We have just updated our portfolio with a selection of our graphic design work along with a few logos we have recently developed. We will add more work to this part of our portfolio in the future. As always we have made sure that it looks fantastic on your small galaxy mini's all the way up to large desktop screens.

00 design work station
8TH May 2014


Check out this gameboy made with css3 only. No javascript!

5TH May 2014


We wanted to share with you one of our favourite websites. It has been around for years and we find alot of design inspiration and ideas from here. It showcases artists from around the globe.


00 new web design graphic
1ST May 2014

Our new look website nearly ready for launch!

In the dark gloomy winter evenings we spent our time designing and developing a new website from the ground up. We completely re-styled everything. We wanted to produce a website that was sophisticated, balanced, delicate, engaging and easy to navigate from any device. Behold! It is here for all to see!

00 new web design poster