2016 web design news feed archive

16th August 2016

And the winner is!

We would like to congratulate 'Tunstall Victoria Park Trust' for winning our logo competition we held on twitter earlier this summer. The final design has been completed and we wish them all the best for the future. Here is the finished logo in all its glory. As the Clock Tower is probably the most recognised part of the park we felt that this had to be the most prominent part of the logo along with a clear, mixture of sans-serif and serif fonts to finish off a well balanced design.

logo competition winner
30th June 2016

Can you afford to have a bad website?

There are many small business owners out there that hesitate to market their website or online presence as they feel embarrassed by it! This causes serious issues because marketing and promoting your website is essential to grow your business. You really can't afford to have a bad website if it reflects badly on your company.

We can't stress enough the damage a badly designed website can cause to your company, especially one that is not mobile-friendly. The amount of leads and sales you will be missing out on due to your visiors being frustrated by a slow loading, poorly laid out web page.

If you feel that your companies website needs a complete overhaul then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of super skilled designers and developers to see how we can really rocket your online presence from poor to fantastic.

web designer at work
5th June 2016

Competition Time!

To celebrate the summer we thought we would launch a competition. We are giving away a free logo design worth over £100.

It's really simple to enter, you just need to go to @00digital on twitter, find our pinned tweet, retweet it and follow us. You will automatically be entered into the draw which takes place on the 22nd July. Good luck!

20th June 2016

A little taste of the Med

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. We get to build beautiful websites for companies all over the UK, sometimes even Europe! But sometimes it can quite frustrating being stuck in an office all day when the sun is shining (well maybe not today!) outside & we are stuck indoors with deadlines to meet!

So, it got me thinking about the summer & where I would love to go this year if I could go anywhere (the answer would be Corsica!). So I thought it would be an interesting concept to design & develop a live postcard, one with a live video background that played on loop & displayed a still for mobile & tablet devices. You can find a link to it here, I hope you enjoy it!

HTML5 video postcard website
1st June 2016

Why SEO is Crucial for Your Website

Today, we’re going to take it back to basics as we tell you why SEO is absolutely crucial when it comes to the marketing of your website, & why you shouldn’t ignore it. But before we dive in, let's quickly cover exactly what SEO is.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimisation & the aim of this is to get your website ranking as high as possible in Google for search terms related to your website. For example, if you are a plumber based in Shropshire, you would want your website to appear at the top of Google when a user searches for ‘plumbers in Shropshire’.

Users typically click on the first search result in Google, as it appears to be the most relevant to their search term. However, competing for the top spot in any search engine takes ongoing work, but we’ll get to that later.

Having a website & ranking in Google is something that every business, large or small, should be doing. In today's world, 94% of internet users have bought a product or service online. If you aren’t competing online, you’re simply losing out on business.

What is Google looking for?
Google is constantly ‘crawling’ websites, looking for indicators of what the website is about & whether it has relevance for its users. Key indicators Google looks for is:

● Content - is the content useful for users? Is the content unique? What keywords does it contain?
● Pages - is your site easy to navigate?
● Links - who is linking to your website & who are you linking to? Are these links relevant or spammy?
● Page titles - Are the pages titles relevant to your content?
● HTML - is you coding clean & easy to read?

Using these indicators, Google will decide how useful your website is when someone searches for a business like yours.

The benefits
When done right, the benefits that SEO will bring to your business is huge. These benefits include:

Visibility - the higher your website ranks, the greater the flow of traffic
Costs - unlike PPC, when a user clicks onto your site, you won’t be charged
Trust & credibility - users are more likely to trust your site if Google does too
Long term results - whilst PPC gains fast results in the short term, SEO builds the credibility of your site steadily, meaning it may take more time to get your site ranking, but it is more likely to stay there
Brand awareness - If your site receives more traffic, your business is likely to become more well-known within your target audience
Profitability - SEO is regularly cited as one of the most profitable forms of marketing

What if I ignore SEO?
If Google can’t find the indicators they are looking for, they will penalise your website by pushing it down in the search engines, giving you less visibility, traffic, & more importantly, fewer customers. With all this in mind, it’s crucial that your website is built with the most SEO friendly elements in place.

laptop showing web design code
27th April 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive!

Having a website that is responsive is crucial in the ever-changing world of technology. With the number of people using phone & tablets to browse the internet on this rise, you need to make sure that your website is ready.

But before we get into the reasons of why your site should be responsive, let's talk about what it actually means. Simply put, a responsive site means it can be easily viewed on computers, mobiles, tablets, smart TV’s & even smart watches.

To test if your site is responsive, simply load your website onto a browser (such as Google Chrome) & drag the corner of the screen to make the browser smaller. If the screen changes to accommodate the size of your browser, then congratulations, you have a responsive site. However, if the text & images get cut off & your website doesn’t change, it’s more than likely your site isn’t responsive.

So, let's get into it. Here are five crucial reasons why your website should be responsive.

1. Mobile & tablet use is on the rise
It is an undeniable fact that more & more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet. Since 2013, smartphone internet consumption grew by 78% whilst desktop internet consumption dropped by 1%.

In fact, 80% of internet users now browse the web using a mobile phone & 47% use a tablet. This number is only set to rise, & with a huge portion or your target audience using such devices to access your site, it is crucial you accommodate them, or they may go elsewhere.

2. A responsive site will lower your bounce rate
Bounce rate simply means the percentage of people the come into your website & click off it straight away. This could be because the website doesn’t look like it contains the information the user needs or because the site is not responsive. By having a responsive website, you can lower your bounce rate on average, by 33%.

3. Google will penalise you
Because Google wants to give their users the best experience possible, they have started to favour websites that are responsive. This means that if your site doesn’t fit the bill, Google could push you down the search engine results, meaning your site (& company) loses its visibility on the web.

4. Social media encourages mobile visitors
55% of all social media is now being consumed on mobile devices. This means that if your company uses social media to share links to your website, it is likely that those visitors are on a mobile device. Therefore, it is crucial you accommodate to this audience that is already trying to engage with you.

5. Your website will be future proof
If your website is designed to adapt to any screen size & any device, then no matter what new technology crops up in the future, you will be ready for any new device that hits the market, essentially future proofing your company's online presence. Now, who doesn’t want that?!

smartphone user browsing the internet
15th March 2016

Spring is certainly on the way!

It's been a busy few weeks here at 00 Design headquarters, so busy in fact today we had noticed the weather had certainly started to change for the better! (see our springtime photo we took today just after lunch below). Just to keep you all updated, this week we have added a FAQ's section to our website. We hope that will help clear up any questions or queries you may.

Yesterday was also a big day for us, we officially launched a new website for London based company 'The Spa PR Company'. A large, CMS website that is mobile-friendly, modern in design packed full of juicy features our client can get their teeth sunk into. You can take a look at the new website here along with it now being featured in our web design portfolio.

cannock, staffordshire
29th February 2016

We are still here!

We have started 2016 with a bang, so much so we haven't had time to keep our newsfeed up to date. Please do not despair, we are still here it's just that we are really busy building new websites for a host of new clients we have taken on over the past few months. If you have any interesting stories you would like to share with us in the meantime, please drop us an email so we can add them to our feed & of course, provide a link back to your website.

17th January 2016

Say hello to the 00 Design team!

We thought it was about time that we added a 'Meet The Team' page to our website. 2016 is going to be an important year for us so watch this space as we continue to grow.

matt partridge 00 design founder
raff stelmach 00 design web designer
dan jones 00 design PHP developer
6th January 2016

Staring into the web design crystal ball

The world of design, especially web design is fast moving & trying to work out what's going to be the next trend gives designers & developers like us a distinct advantage. We want to go through a few trends that we think may become popular in 2016, or completely cement their way into the web design.

So what influences changes in the world of web design?

There are a few factors that can effect the way designers approach a new project & then in turn create a new design trend. One major factor is the advances in technology. As smartphones become more powerful, easier to use, cheaper to buy along with better wifi connections everywhere it's having a big impact on the way we design, develop & build websites. The majority of the public these days are comfortable accessing the internet on multiple devices, from smartphones, tablets to desktops & T.Vs.

A previous trend (if you can call it that) that has certainly stuck & will do for many years to come is responsive web design (commonly known as mobile-friendly web design) & a few of this years trends we believe have been influenced by this design phenomenon.

Keeping it minimal

The minimalist design movement really did take off in 2015, & we hold our hands up, we were certainly part of it as we are huge fans of minimalism. We think it's going to go from strength to strength in 2016. Minimalism & responsive web design go together like peas & carrots. Minimalism allows things to be clean & clutter free on small screens, as we design for larger screens we can play around with white space & enhance elements as you like.

High Definition Video Baby

With ever increasing bandwidths, 4G connections, better HTML5 support within the web browsers we will see an increase in designers & developers using HD videos more & more. We are big fans here at 00 design of video backgrounds, one of our latest websites we built has a fantastic full screen video background (take a look here). We think we will all see video being used more & more in web design.

Typography that packs a punch

With minimal design being one of our earlier predictions we think that carefully considered typography will also be something that gains popularity within the web design community. If you decide that a minimalist style website is the best solution for a certain project then choosing a bold, carefully thought out selection of different fonts & typeface should be essential, less is more so the elements that do make it into the website need to be polished to perfection!

00 design svg logo
5th January 2016

00DESIGN.CO 2016 re-brand

We have started a new chapter here at 00 design. After nearly 4 years we have taken the brave decision to rebrand our web design studio. We decided to keep the familiar pink & purple colour scheme but change the logo completely. We wanted to design something that was relevant to Staffordshire along with creating something bold, modern looking & really fresh. Our end result has a gradient effect fill & a super sharp vector finish, meaning that it's ready for the highest 4k resolution screens.

Of course, the logo also adapts to certain screen sizes, so if you are viewing this on a mobile device, the logo will be appearing at a size to suit. If you would like to discuss how we can help with the branding for your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always here to help.

00 design svg logo
00 design 2016 rebrand
4th January 2016

Happy new year from 00 design!

We would like to wish all of our clients, friends & family a happy & healthy 2016. We are back at 00 headquarters ready to start the new year with a bang. Please get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business grow in 2016.