Happy Home Rentals are a start up company based in Staffordshire that provide an electrical & consumer appliance rental service nationwide. They hired us to produce the digital & print marketing material, inlcluding all the branding, flyers, website design & development work along with the design of the social media pages.

The initial website design meeting through up a few problems that we had to solve from the very start. We had to work out how a website visitor would navigate around the website, finding incredibly easy to find all of the different products, not just from a desktop with mouse hover effects but also touch enabled tablets & smartphones. From our clients point of view we had to develop an intuiative content management system so new categories, products & images could be added with ease.

The website is already showing signs of success with many leads already generated. The whole project was completed on time, within a 4 week period.

PHP web development
happy home rentals website
digital design work
product catalogue development
smartphone website design
partly painted tablet design
CMS portfolio development