Pixel Mag is an online magazine dedicated to discussing web design related topics. Launched at the beginning of July it was created by our team here at 00 Design HQ. The idea is to help budding designers & developers along the way with informative articles written by industry experts, guest authors & anybody that's keen on sharing their knowledge. It's aim is to keep designers inspired & to share their opinions. The website of the week along with cool articles on design related gadets has enough to keep the readers entertained & coming back week after week.

The website has many features designed to make it easy for the visitor to navigate through the posts, search through the specific categories & quickly identify where they are in a particularly lengthy post. The mobile-friendly navigation & layout makes it easy to fly through any part of the website from any mobile or desktop device. We have developed an intelligent search function which is another element to improve the overall user experience.

With regards to the design & the layout of the website, we have to thank our talented design team for this. From coming up with the name, the branding & the design of the retina-ready logo to the typography & colour scheme, all of which was produced in house.

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