This is a project we really enjoyed working on. A new website built for Thursfields Chartered Accoutants. Thursfields original website was a clean looking, basic one page website. As their company had grown they needed their website to grow with them. We went through the website structure with them & realised that the site needed a carefully thought out menu to allow users a good user experience. We built a menu that is easy to use from any device, from smartphones to large screen desktops.

Some of the other features of the website include a mortgage calculator, a live chat function, a responsive/quick quotation form & responsive videos designed to be mobile first.

The backend of the website also has a content management system seamlessly built in to allow our client to update their blog as and when they wish and also allows people to comment on all of the posts.

We wanted to keep the clean, sharp look of the original website so the logo is in SVG format & the colour scheme is a fresh, green colour. The contact us page features a SVG map marker & a custom made coloured Google map.

thursfields tax home page
thursfields website on mobile
quick quotation form for mobile
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mobile-friendly UX design
custom google map